About Me

Cassie Kerr has had an innate curiosity around her own health and wellness since her late teens. Experiencing chronic strep throat, also in her late teens, only fueled her appreciation and passion for health and vitality.

For 25 years, Cassie has studied formally and informally a myriad of alternative beliefs and modalities. She believes this diversity has given her a well-rounded understanding and approach to holistic wellness. 

Cassie was a certified personal trainer for 6 years and is Reiki I and II certified. Over the years the Reiki, along with her other gifts, has turned into a unique type of energy work. Cassie is a certified nutritional therapist and for the last several years has studied nutrition, connections between the physical, mental, emotional and spiritual bodies, muscle testing and the use of nutrition, whole-food supplementation, herbs and homeopathy.

She believes our bodies are beautifully designed and incredibly intelligent and that when you support all the bodies, the physical body will innately heal, regenerate and repair itself.

Cassie considers herself a teacher and healer and feels deeply passionate about being of service to others. She truly loves supporting each unique individual and finds this work incredibly rewarding.

Cassie's purpose is to educate, inspire and impact: Educate others about self-care, life balance and possibilities. Inspire others with information and the modeling of her own life to make desired lifestyle changes. Impact others’ overall quality of life so they too can live their most fulfilled and purposeful lives.