What is holistic wellness?- 09/01/2020

Holistic means looking at the whole being, which includes the physical, mental, emotional and spiritual bodies and understanding that all these parts are interconnected to make the whole.

Wellness is the pursuit of the best possible holistic health. Pursuit implies seeking or action. It is an active process of becoming aware of and then making choices toward a healthy and fulfilling life.

Where to Start?

I believe that holistic wellness starts with self-care. When we start taking care of ourselves, we experience more self-alignment, more self-authority and more life balance. All these things lead to new possibilities and purpose which is where the magic happens. From this place we can co-create a beautiful life by design instead of by default.

What does self-care look like? If we look at the physical that includes things like:

· Do you drink enough water?

· Do you get quality sleep?

· Do you move your body in some way regularly?

· What kinds of foods are you eating? Do you get enough nutrient dense foods in your diet?

In the reverse, are there things you’re getting too much of? What's your toxic load?

· Do you drink too much alcohol or caffeine?

· Do you have too much sugar?

· Do you smoke?

· Do you use recreational drugs?

· What types of products do you use on your body?

Physical symptoms like chronic headaches or digestive issues, aches and pains or an elevated this or low that are all ways our bodies are talking to us if we're listening. These symptoms are telling us where we need to look a little deeper and a change needs to be made. Not tolerate, manage or ignore.

The Mental Body

If we look at the mental body that includes things like:

· What is your internal dialogue? Do you have awareness of the conversations that are constantly running in your mind?

· What is the tone of your thoughts? Are they consistently positive or negative?

· What are the perpetuating stories and beliefs you're telling yourself? I’m alone or I’m always supported? I’m not enough or I’m whole and complete. My life is hard or my life flows with synchronicity and ease?

· What expectations do you have that are rooted in past experiences that could be limiting your current experience? Do you use the words always and never often?

· Do you have anxiety and/or stress caused by these internal thoughts and conversations and are you doing anything to shift that experience?

The Emotional Body

If we look at the emotional body that includes things like:

· Are you fairly even-tempered or are your emotions up and down?

· Do you get triggered often and have a range of emotions?

· Do you feel depressed or anxious?

· If you’re constantly feeling angry, sad, hurt, irritated, frustrated or fill in the blank, those emotions are giving you information into something that wants and needs to be acknowledged. Those are opportunities to get curious about ourselves and what's going on on a deeper level.

The Spiritual Body

If we look at the spiritual body that would include things like:

· Do you have a connection to your inner being? Your inner light?

· Are you aware of your energy and what it’s creating for you? And for others? And vice versa.

· Do you believe in something bigger, greater, or higher than yourself? Whatever your word is, God, Creator, Infinite Source, Divine, Universe, Oneness — do you feel connected to that source?

Self-care could be a massage, a hot bath, time alone, time with family and friends, time in nature, hobbies — anything that gives you JOY!

What’s Next?

If you don’t practice any self-care or very little, I encourage you to pick some form of self-care and make it a priority. We always find a way to make time for our priorities.

Maybe it’s something that gives you the most JOY and feels best to you. Or maybe it’s the thing that’s most challenging for you right now and is where a shift is most needed.

By doing this, by becoming aware of a choice and by taking action, this could be the start of your beautiful life by design.